A native of Wilmington, North Carolina, Sabrina has called Georgia home for over 20 years, where she resides with her husband Christian and their family of fur babies.

  Sabrina has had a multifaceted career, which includes modeling, pageantry, dance and fitness.

As a professional model, she had the unique opportunity to live in and work in many countries, including:  Japan, France, Belgium, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.  Sabrina is the owner of “Pageant Pros” Consultants and Mentors LLC and” Designing Faces” Makeup on Location.

  Growing up in a difficult and challenging home environment, Sabrina feels fortunate to have had mentors in her life, that unknowingly made invaluable investments, in her character and her future.  Many of these mentors, were those she met through positive pageant experiences. Grateful to have had the opportunity, to be involved in pageantry since the age of 13, she truly believes that pageants have played, a crucial role in all of the successes and dreams, that she has seen come to fruition in her life.

  Becoming “Mrs. US Universe” in June of 2014 , was an overwhelming experience, followed by the dream of then being  crowned “ Mrs. Universe  2014 Ltd.”, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia just two months later.

Sabrina Is the first woman from the United States to win the most coveted international “Mrs” title in the world.

Being crowned “Mrs. Universe” Ltd. , was the true culmination of all of her pageant and modeling experiences. .

Upon returning from her win in Malaysia, Sabrina and her husband Christian, developed the “The Pledge Campaign “ Against Domestic Violence, this is a campaign focusing on encouraging men to become more involved ,in the fight against violence of any kind toward women ,children and animals.

Since it’s launch, Sabrina has shared in so many elementary and high schools that “The Pledge”, has taken on a 3 dimensional approach. “Kids Pledge” – focuses on getting kids to understand how words can hurt and the scars they leave on the heart and “Her Pledge” – ask women to pledge to take responsibility for whom they allow to love them and set the bar higher for themselves and how they are treated by others.

  Having a diverse background both professionally and personally, Sabrina feels she can identify with the difficult situations in life that we all experience.Sharing how being raised in a home plagued by violence, leaving home at 14 to live with her foster family and seeing the world through  great success in the modeling Industry , has helped her focus on the importance of giving others value and encouraging kids to reach their full potential.  A certified dance and fitness trainer and instructor, Sabrina promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages balance. Dance, fitness, reading and motorcycles are among Sabrina’s hobbies.

  As “Mrs. Universe 2014”, Sabrina had the unique opportunity to utilize the title, to connect to an even broader base, the importance of giving at-risk kids and teen’s value through mentoring and to keep the momentum that the crown allowed her by continuing her mission . A Youth Development Professional for Celebrate Life International and a mentor for Teach One to Lead One® (character building leadership program for elementary children and teens), Sabrina feels fortunate to invest, hands on, in the lives of at-risk kids that others have given up on. Giving at-risk children and teens value through mentoring is critical to their sense of well-being and success on their own terms.


  Humble and confident are the two words Sabrina uses to describe herself and she is always appreciative of the support and encouragement that she has received from so many people God has placed in her life on this journey. Sabrina is excited to begin the next phase of her career in the pageant industry by founding “Mrs. Transcontinental”- Pageant Pros LLC. 

  Mrs./ Ms. Transcontinental US and International – Pageant Pros LLC. ,will celebrate and embrace the diversity , lives and causes, that the women from all over the world  are passionate about .

As they come together to share their campaigns and the work they are each doing, to enrich the lives of others, it is the hope of the “Hemisphere “organization,  that this will be more than a pageant , it will be a life experience that focuses on our similarities not our differences.


 “Do not allow your past to determine your destiny".

Sabrina Pinion