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The Pledge Campaign

Stand Up and Speak Out


"The Pledge Campaign" Foundation seeks to assist pre-existing organizations that aid women and children that are victims of all forms of domestic violence and abuse. Titleholders will become spokeswomen for “The Pledge Campaign” Foundation 501(c)(3), which includes His Pledge, Her Pledge, Kids Pledge, and Pet Pledge.


Men publicly Pledge to Stand Up and Speak Out for women and children who are victims of violence.


Asks women to take responsibility for who they allow to love them and set the bar higher for themselves.



Children pledge to use good words so good words are echoed back to them.

The TCP/Universe pageants are the official fundraisers for “The Pledge Campaign” Foundation. All delegates participate in our community service project during our international pageant week. Our international title holders commit to marketing and fundraising events each month during their reign.

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